Maxime Guyon


Maxime Guyon Aircraft


In his project Aircraft, Guyon creates large-format digital photography of aerodynamic structures, turboprops, hydraulic pistons and electrical connections of airplanes. As Milo Keller explains in the catalogue of the exhibition “everything is in focus in these images, from the large fields to the details, from the skeleton of an entire cabin to the smallest rivetto. There is a sensation of control, of fragmented but total and artificial vision, almost fetishised. In Guyon’s hyperrealistic images we don’t find traces of the industrial architectures or of the hangar, and the figures remain suspended in a space without sky and without time, concrete while being hyper realistic.”

Maxime Guyon (1990) is an artist and commercial photographer currently living and working in Paris, France. His modernist, sharp and colorful images, often exploring sculptural dimensions, concentrate on the technological evolutions in modern society and on the ubiquitous dematerialization within the photography medium.