International photographic competition by nomination - Fondazione MAST - Photography Grant on industry and work / 2020
The Grant Aapo Huhta

International photographic competition by nomination

MAST Photography grant on industry and work

MAST FOUNDATION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY GRANT ON INDUSTRY AND WORK is a biennial selection of young photographers that aims to document and support image research activities related to industry, the transformation it brings about on society and the environment and the role of labour in economic and productive development.

Created in 2007 and initially called GD4PhotoArt, the award has become part of a broader project coordinated by the MAST Foundation, an international cultural and philanthropic institution founded in Bologna in 2013. 

MAST is an innovative complex located next to the historic G.D factory, serving as a centre for sharing and collaborating which offers a variety of functions. The Gallery is one of its pillars, characterized by two key elements: a multimedia approach linked to technology and innovation, and a visual approach dedicated to photography on industry and work. 

The MAST PhotoGallery is an exhibition space presenting thematic exhibitions, monographic projects, historical shows and proposals of contemporary authors, curated by Urs Stahel. Each exhibition is accompanied by a programme of talks, conversations with photographers and critics, screenings, workshops for children and students.

Every two years, through the MAST Photography Grant on Industry and Work, the MAST Foundation gives five young international artists the opportunity of delving into the industrial, technological world and exploring its systems of labour and capital, invention, development and production. 

At the heart of the Grant is the international jury of experts in the field of photography. The Jury indicates a series of international nominators, who identify a number of talented young photographers inviting them to take part in the competition. The candidates have to present a project of photography on industry and work that they would like to carry out for the award. Among the candidates, the jury selects five finalists who receive a grant. Once the projects are completed, the MAST Foundation sets up the exhibition of the works and publishes the catalogue. The day before the opening, the jury selects the winner who receives a further prize. 

The competition has contributed to creating a collection of photographs by contemporary artists whose works are included in the MAST Foundation’s historic and articulated industrial photography collection consisting of over 6000 works and curated by Urs Stahel. All the activities connected to the collection are based in the space devoted to the themes of industry and work located in the MAST Photo Gallery. The grant also takes place within this specific and original project.