Pablo López Luz


Pablo López Luz Baja Moda

Baja Moda

In the series Baja Moda, realized in different cities of Latin America, Pablo López Luz  critically looks at the global fashion industry while analysing two key aspects of the contemporary Latin American  culture:  identity  and  resistance.  Lopez Luz photographs clothes shops and local fashions with attentive eyes. He portrays shop windows set in precarious ways but organized with care, that show a sort of proud resistance in the decision to preserve a job and lifestyle that oppose the tendency to manufacture clothes and shoes in Asia. They refuse to surrender to the new economic models and imminent homologation of cities invaded by international brands.

Pablo López Luz was born in Mexico City in 1979. His work has been internationally recognized with solo exhibitions at Museo El Eco, Museo del Chopo, Arroniz Arte Contemporáneo, Botanique and Centro Fotográfico Álvarez Bravo in Mexico.