Raphaël Dallaporta



Over the past ten years, Raphaël Dallaporta (born 1980), who lives and works in Paris, has taken a photographic path that has gained international attention thanks to precise perspective and a single-minded approach. His long-term projects cover a wide range of human activities. He works in close cooperation with military demining teams (in Antipersonnel), lawyers (in Esclavage domestique), medical lawyers (in Fragile) or, most recently, archaeologists (in Ruins). His entire oeuvre to date follows a single direction: it diminishes the documentary quality of photography in favour of symbolic power. Since 2011 he has been very interested in human activities in space and aims to question the relationship with progress and memory. He has concentrated on the traces that the Symphonie project has left on Earth (e.g. reception antennae and satellite dishes), breaking the images up into many parts and putting them together again to form a complete picture. In doing so, Raphaël Dallaporta symbolises the fact that communication between humans repeatedly breaks down.

Finalist works