Jiang Jun



Designer, editor and critic, Jang Jun works in urban research and experimental study, exploring the interrelationship between design and the urban dynamic. He founded Underline Office in late 2003 and was the founding editor-in-chief of Urban China Magazine (2005-2010), a multi-dimensional medium that integrates deep-level problems with popular expression, orthodox official discourse with vivid folk narration.

His works have been presented in exhibitions such as ”Get It Louder” (2005/2007), Guangdong Triennale (2005), Shenzhen Biennale (2005/2007/2011), China Contemporary in Rotterdam (2006), and Kassel Documenta (2007). He was the curator of the international exhibition “Street Belongs to … All of Us!” in China in 2008. He has been invited to lecture at domestic and international universities such as Sun Yat-Sen University, Beijing University, CUHK, Harvard University, UCL, Tokyo University, Seoul University, Princeton University, Columbia University and IIT. Since 2009, his Urban China Magazine has been exhibited at three museums in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, the first Chinese magazine to be exhibited overseas in a travelling solo exhibition.

Born in Hubei in 1974, Jang was awarded a Bachelor’s degree at Tongji University in Shanghai and Master’s degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Jang is now an associate professor at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, was a project director at Strelka School of Architecture, Design and Media in Moscow (2010-2011), and visiting fellow at the ESRC Centre on Migration Policy and Society of Oxford University (2011-2012).